Stage, TV, Film

Colorite specializes in providing an unrivaled service to the stage makers within the theater and the television and film industries. We provide an unrivalled colour matching service to any colour you require from cellulose, 2k acrylic, synthetics, emulsions, plastic, leather and vinyl to Pantones, Palette, British Standards, RAL Design, Federal Standards and NCS, all of which are available in spray paint, brushing, rolling and aerosol. We have also added a new glass coatings range which will allow scenic painters to achieve, amongst other useful things, a stained glass effect for stage and film.

We also stock a wide range of sundries including production papers, masks, rubber gloves, sanding sponges and masking tape.

These are just some of the many films we have supplied:

Aliens: Prometheus

Batman films 

Bridget Jones's Diary

Captain America

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Clash of the Titans

Dark Shadow

The Da Vinci Code

Fifth Element

Gulliver's Travels

Harry Potter series


Hugo Cabret

James Bond 007

John Carter

Memphis Belle

The Mummy




World War Z

X-Men: First Class

And many, many more....

We also supply the major london based film studio's, the BBC and ITV.