Colour Matching

Colour Matching Services

We provide a service that extends to colour matching and cross-referencing Pantones, NCS, Syntha-Pulvin, Palette, British Standard, RAL Design, Federal Standards, Plochere, Afnor and Munsell colours.
We also provide our own range of colour swatches.

What's more? we can colour match any of the above ranges into cellulose, 2K acrylic, synthetic, basecoat and emulsion.

Colour Management / Consultancy

Over the years we have developed our knowledge on what's best for our customers. This includes providing technical, practical and aesthetic consultation on the choice of colour and the management thereof. 

Our technicians are often called upon to provide expert witness on particular colour matches. In addition, our research and design capabilities provide customers with their very own library of custom-made colours that allows us to store, track and develop particular product requirements on an ongoing basis. In turn, this enables us to provide our clients with a one-point-of-call service, delivering their paint requirements on demand wherever and whenever required, without fear of colour differentiation. This is particularly useful in the support of brand image.