Colorite Paint Company Limited

It's over 30 years since Colorite first started matching and blending colours. We now have as vast network of customers throughout the UK and the world.

We currently supply the automotive, building, industrial, television, stage and film industries, and you will have seen much of our handiwork on in films like the latest James Bond 007 or Harry Potter films . Directors often need colours matched carefully to create the right look, and this is one of the specialist skills that our company exceeds.

The Colorite Paint Company has some of the finest colour technicians in the business, offering a product/sample matched service to virtually any colour you require in any type of paint. Indeed, we see ourselves as being one of the very few paint companies that can provide a one-stop-all-encompassing service that extends from supplying cellulose, 2K acrylic, synthetic, basecoat, emulsion and the latest advances in environmentally friendly, water based paint technology to our customers.

"So what do we do?"

"Specifying a colour for projects is always a problem as the paint supplier is either restricted by the paint system or by their own given range of colours."

"Trying to avoid colour distortion is a nightmare, particularly when communicating a brand finish, as very few paint suppliers offer the entire range of paint systems and services."

"As you can imagine, there are innumerable amount of problems in trying to convey a fleet owners brand image, whose corporate colours are often based in pantone, in situations where they need to touch up their vehicles in a cellulose or 2k acrylic "

Our knowledge of paint technology and colour matching has come about over the years as a result of working on specific customer projects that are probably not too dissimilar to yours. We pride ourselves on trying to find a simple answer to all our customers' wants. So pull up your chair, lean back, put your fingers on that mouse, and take a little time to rummage through our web site and remember...whatever colour of paint you need, Colorite can match it.

We look forward to supplying to you your very special colour.